Janice SARICH United Conservative Nomination Contestant Edmonton-Decore

Message From Janice

Dear Voters,

My Commitment is Edmonton-Decore.
My Commitment is Edmonton-Decore.
To work with you, and serve you, to
restore the Alberta Advantage

I am a United Conservative (UCP) Nomination Contestant for Edmonton-Decore, and the first woman to officially register in our Capital City.

This north-central community has proudly been home to my family for the past 20 years.

Over the past 18 months, many of you have shared with me your thoughts, stories, and opinions about the issues and challenges we face, and need to address in our province. For all the time you have given me, I would sincerely like to thank you.

I am humbled by the positive response regarding my Candidacy from individuals, families, and organizations that are the heart of our communities within Edmonton-Decore. I am grateful for all the engaging conversations with more than 3000+ Decore residents thus far, who have generously shared their time with me in coffee shops, shopping malls, around kitchen tables, in office buildings, at local events, and on their doorsteps.

My political experience looking after constituents' concerns and representing their views at the Alberta Legislature during my 7 years as Edmonton-Decore's MLA makes me ready to help form and serve in a new United Conservative Government. I want to ensure that we have a strong government that responds effectively to each of the many challenges that we face.

Today, I am personally asking for your consideration regarding my United Conservative Candidacy.

A UCP Nomination is NOW OPEN and a meeting will be scheduled for our area very soon to select the strongest and most experienced UCP Candidate for MLA in the next provincial General Election.

I would appreciate your help and support at the upcoming UCP Nomination meeting.

Please call today at 780.916.8809 to buy a ($10.00-1yr.) UCP Membership.

Thank you and I look forward to an opportunity to meet or speak with you in the days ahead!


Janice Sarich

United Conservative Nomination Contestant, Edmonton-Decore


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