Janice SARICH United Conservative Nomination Contestant Edmonton-Decore

Message From Janice

Dear Voters,

My Commitment is Edmonton-Decore.
My Commitment is Edmonton-Decore.
To work with you, and serve you, to
restore the Alberta Advantage

I am a United Conservative (UCP) Nomination Contestant for Edmonton-Decore, and the first female to officially register in our Capital City.

This north-central community has proudly been home to my family for the past 20 years.

Over the past 18 months, many of you have shared with me your thoughts, stories, and opinions about the issues and challenges we face, and need to address in our province. For all the time you have given me, I would sincerely like to thank you.

Recently, I have appreciated the engaging conversations with more than 2000 Decore residents who have so generously shared their time with me in coffee shops, shopping malls, around kitchen tables, in office buildings, at local events, and at the doors.

Our community's future requires the creation of opportunities for people to succeed, thrive, and grow. We need to put in place wise policies that support our valued public services in fair, equitable, and fiscally responsible ways, with maximum value.

My political experience as a 7-year MLA makes me ready to be an effective team member to help form a United Conservative Government.

In the weeks ahead, I will continue to work hard to listen and learn about the issues and the opportunities you feel are most important to you and our great community.

I invite you to join our committed and growing team of volunteers, working to help ensure our nomination campaign is a tremendous success.

Thank you for your consideration regarding my United Conservative Candidacy.

I hope you will join us in standing up for our conservative values!


Janice Sarich

United Conservative Nomination Contestant, Edmonton-Decore


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