Janice SARICH United Conservative Nomination Contestant Edmonton-Decore

Here's how you can Nominate

Janice Sarich

Step 1: Buy or re-new a UCP Membership NOW!

To purchase or renew your UCP membership call today 780.916.8809

Cut-off for UCP Membership purchases and re-newals is "21 days before" the date of the Nomination meeting

Step 2: VOTE for Janice at the Edmonton-Decore Nomination meeting when scheduled

A current UCP membership allows you to vote for Janice SARICH at the Nomination meeting.

While the date and location of the Nomination meeting has yet to be announced, we anticipate it will take place sometime after May on a weeknight evening or weekend.

At the nomination meeting, you are voting for the very best contestant to represent Edmonton-Decore as an official candidate on the ballot, in the next provincial election.

Helpful Nomination Voting Tips:

  • You must live in Edmonton-Decore, click here to find out
  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents residing in Alberta for at least 6 months
  • Be an existing UCP member or become a new member by cut-off date
  • Renew your membership in advance of nomination meeting (suggested 30 days)
  • Ask a friend, family, colleague who lives in Edmonton-Decore to become a UCP member to support Janice
  • Must attend in-person the Nomination meeting when scheduled
  • Bring identification for proof of residency (current address) like a driver's licence
  • Vote

Step 3: Stay Connected

Stay connected to our campaign. To register your support for Janice, and to keep you informed about the Nomination Meeting details, please fill out the contact form.

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