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Renew the Hope for a Better Tomorrow!

Economy for Everyone

The stakes about the future of our province have intensified.

Janice consistently hears from entrepreneurs, independent contractors, small business owners, employees, and those looking for work about how Alberta’s economy needs to get back on track.

Janice believes that, "people are the numJaneber (1) priority and that Alberta's future belongs to all of us".

Alberta has a resource based economy such as, energy, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, advanced technology, and tourism. We are blessed with resources that have supported generations of hardworking families, and are a significant driver of jobs and economic development here in our province.

Janice will fight for pro-growth policies that attract businesses and bring jobs to put Albertans at the forefront of our economy. This means an economy that is diverse, resilient, and adaptable to enhance our competitive edge and performance.

Also, we must find more ways to reduce unnecessary burdens to growth so that it is easier to do business and our economy works for everyone. 

Janice supports free enterprise to foster the creation, growth and retention of jobs and expanded prosperity. Also, we must welcome and encourage innovation, ingenuity, the development of new technologies, domestic investment that creates long-term, private-sector jobs to help restore and revitalize our local economies, small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Janice is a staunch advocate for choice in education and that the K-12 system must focus on developing the learning potential of children and youth through all stages of education.

As the former Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education, and School Board Trustee she believes that education is an investment, and that we must continue to prepare our Alberta population regardless of the swings in economic conditions.

Janice recognizes and respects that parents and guardians are a child’s first and foremost educators, and have the primary responsibility for the education of their children.

She believes that the composition of students in the classroom have increasingly complex learning needs, and supports parents and guardians need for a well organized, managed, and integrated education and health service delivery system that is designed to get timely results to help students, when they need it.

Our workforce must keep pace with our own success. To meet these needs, Janice supports strengthening the school-to-work pipeline. The education system needs a smooth transition from high school to advanced education or a good paying job.

She will continue to encourage and support participation in industry certification programs, colleges, apprenticeship training programs, other advanced training, and post secondary education.

Health Care

The well-being of Albertans is a priority along with ensuring the delivery of services in a timely manner.

At the heart of health care concerns is the runaway rising costs. One or more chronic illnesses means more use of health care services, medical claims, and hospital visits.

To improve the health of Albertans is "the right thing to do" and it is a shared responsibility.

Albertans are ready! They want more improvements to support a culture of healthy life choices and wellness over the long term. Janice believes that a comprehensive approach to healthy living which delivers measurable changes is needed to reduce the burden of chronic disease and disability on families, communities, and our health care system.  


Alberta seniors and those who are living with a disability are facing increased challenges. They need support to live with dignity, and creative approaches to be in their homes for as long as possible.

Janice believes programs and services that emphasize independence for aging loved ones, rather than institutionalization. Supports must be better structured to respond to patient-centered needs.

Also, most people will, at some point in their life, help a family member or friend with a long-term health condition, disability or problems related to aging. Often this is an invisible workforce.

Providing care has many benefits, but caregivers need care too! Janice recognizes the importance of caregivers, and the linking to resources, respite care, and training enables a greater level of support for loved ones.

Janice will advocate for safe-quality driven continuing care options and services, and long-term care solutions for seniors.

People Focused Government Services

While serving as the MLA for Edmonton-Decore (2008-2015), Janice delivered real results for people. She solved an astounding 4000 individual case files. Janice appreciated hearing from constituents regarding the positive interactions with the government departments.

However, at times some fell short such as: unclear policies, lack of or inconsistent information, longer than normal resolution times, and the "hot-potatoe syndrome" - transferred from one area to the next.

Citizens today have more tangible interactions with their government, and expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive programs and services from the public sector.

We must recognize that we can always do better, and that we cultivate continuous improvement.

Janice believes that in doing so, along with having a detailed and clear understanding of the end-to-end citizen experience, there will be increased citizen satisfaction, increased public trust and positive perceptions of the public sector, and overall reduced costs.  


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